Professionally, from past 7 years I've been practicing on Layout Design for Websites, Mobile Apps, HTML/CSS, addons like Bootstrapping & creating Responsive Designs.

Recent Work

What I Do

Wireframing, website layouts, Android & iPhone application designing, image editing are some of the things I really enjoy working on. I like playing with HTML syntaxes and messing up with CSS3 properties to discover ways of creating new, simplified and personalized designs which can speak for itself. I'm through in defining cross-browser/platform compatibility for websites. I often provide my services for print media designing. Now personally, I'm very much into photography and custom designs. And after a pint I can put life into an empty canvas.

How I Work


I'll ask many many questions. About you, about your dreams and your needs. The aim is to find out what, who, when, how and why.


Now I know enough to navigate safely through the storm of ideas. Get ready for a jolly hurricane of creativity!


At this stage I'll bake crispy treats according to the agreed recipe. Your/mine ambitious visions take form.

Final Touch

Hmm... What a delicious smell! The work is almost finished – it only needs some final touches. Comments are applied and details finalized.


Awesome, we are done! Hurry to offer the hot news to the whole world! Let’s go!

Why Me

This is the question people always end up asking themselves... Why me?
But in my case I can break it you in 3 simple factors: - Quality, Time and Cost. I won't make any commitment before discussing these factors with you.


We all like things to be perfect. When we go out shopping, buying goods, we want them to be perfect. We search for the flaws in them, even to the tiniest bit of detailing and buy only if found none. I won't blab much but yes, in terms of quality there isn't any scope of compromise in my books. I work on each and every project as if it's a digital masterpiece and I love doing my work this way. I try to make sure that every minute detail has been looked and worked upon till perfection.


Time taken in a journey is directly proportional to the distance covered and the means of transportation used. I have the best tools. So you tell me what to do and how much to do; I'll tell you the factors involved and all the technical details; and together we'll discuss and decide (not me only, not you only, WE) the deadline.


So, you've got your work, to your utmost satisfaction, with excellent quality and in time. Now, I take pride in my quality and commitment to the work, it satisfies me... but yet to keep doing what I'm doing, I need some bread and wine. And as stated previously I won't commit to anything without discussing it first. But rest assured my fee is legitimate and below the standard market. Confused...? I'll explain when we'll get in touch.

About Me

I won't say "I'm a hardworking guy" or "I love my job" or "I'm dedicated to my work" or any such thing. Because whenever you get a chance to work with me, you'll know it for yourself how and what I'm with my work. And you won't be disappointed ;)

Working in this field, with all this insane amount of competition around, I've learned a lot of things. And till now I'm on that learning curve. I like being there, it gives me a lot of opportunity to expand and spread my dimensions. In terms of art (whether digital of physical) there is no such thing as one true master, there are always learners who try and find new ways tocreate and master skills.

I'm a traveller. I like being in different places, meet new people who speak languages I don't understand a bit about. It gives me the many opportunities; it enhances my imagination, through their sociology while at the same time it keeps me in the reality. And with my camera around, I click, shoot, direct and edit a lot. For me it's all about perception. When I see something and deduce something out of it, people may find it different, in different way around and this fascinates me.

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